Accessing a remote PC with the IP address

With the increase in remote working, being able to access a PC remotely can be very useful, for an IT department for example. Whether you need to help out your employees or assist a loved one, a remote desktop connection will enable you to take control of a device that is physically far away. Here are our methods to make it simple.

Accessing a remote PC via the WAN network using the IP address

How can I find the IP address of a remote PC?

Finding a remote IP address is a complex process that requires knowledge of web development. It involves using the Shell command and then a manual search through all the adapters available.

However, if you have access to the client computers, you can easily find the IP address.

Here’s how to find your IP address:

In Windows:

Start menu > Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi, then select the Wi-Fi network from which you are connected. Under Properties, you will find your IP address.
On a Mac:

Apple Menu > System Settings > Network in the sidebar > Click on the network configuration you want to use on the right, then click on Details. Your IP address will be displayed there.

Accessing a remote PC with an IP address via the WAN network

First of all, you must ensure that you grant the necessary access to the target PC (the one you wish to control remotely). To do this, go to the Windows menu > System and Security.
Then check your firewall settings and tick the box > Remote Desktop. Doing this will open your PC to remote control.
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Once you have confirmed this choice, follow the instructions and register the router by entering the IP address and the default gateway.

In the > Port Forward section, authorise port 3380. This is the port for the remote desktop protocol.

Be careful, this method of remote access is not recommended as it presents a real risk to your cyber security. Once remote access has been authorised, make sure you tighten your security settings in the administrator account.

To protect your PC, as well as the customer’s device (the computer being controlled), it's best to use a remote control software program such as IT Remote.

Accessing a remote PC without an IP address using IT Remote

To access a remote PC without the use of an IP address, you will need to use remote access software. IT Remote offers you simple access to an unlimited number of devices, while keeping control over your access and users. The platform is simple and accessible without any technical knowledge.

Can I access a remote PC without any intervention on the target PC?

Unattended intervention without performing any prior operations on the target PC is unlawful unless the remote customer has given their permission. Unless there is a malicious attack, you will always have to intervene on the client PC in order to allow sharing.

With IT remote, it’s simple to access a remote PC, with or without installing an agent on the target PC.

Once the executable is downloaded, remote control becomes accessible at any time, all without monitoring from your web console.

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