Remote maintenance: managing, monitoring and protecting your remote working employees’ PCs

If your business allows remote working, managing, monitoring and protecting your computer equipment is essential. Whether you need to help your employees or customers, remote access software enables you to carry out remote maintenance on your devices simply and securely.

Use IT Remote to manage and maintain your PCs remotely

With IT Remote, you can securely access an unlimited number of devices. The architecture of our solution uses numerous security protocols to offer encrypted and highly secure connections. What’s more, you can fine-tune the connection profile settings to define remote control rights precisely for each person involved.

Whether you’re a small, medium or large organisation, we have designed reliable solutions for you that are easy to access and use. They will help you boost productivity and carry out your business activities without posing the slightest risk to your company.

The role of the remote desktop in remote maintenance

For companies that want to encourage remote working, it's important to set up remote maintenance. For this, you will need to use remote desktop software.

Remote access software will enable you:

  • to trigger assistance from your control PC to a target PC,
  • to access remote files hosted on other computers,
  • to perform a remote reboot,
  • to manage groups and users and grant specific access rights to each of them,
  • to access multiple computers at the same time (multi-session)
  • to control permissions and access directly from your web console.

In addition to these advantages, the IT Remote maintenance solution allows you to benefit from secure and encrypted connections in order to remove the risk of malware attacks or data loss.

Can remote desktop software be used to monitor employees?

It is legally possible to monitor remote workers. By virtue of their managerial powers, an employer can choose to monitor their employees’ activity during (and only during) their working hours. Continuing the monitoring outside working hours is therefore strictly forbidden, as is accessing the employee’s private files.

Constant monitoring of an employee is also prohibited, as it can only take place in exceptional cases and must be duly justified by management.

Remote control software is therefore not designed for the purpose of monitoring employees, even though some of the features it offers may perform a similar function.

What are the risks of unsecured remote access?

All IT Remote’s remote assistance network connections use the HTTPS protocol. Moreover, business data is exchanged via WebSocket Secure. Add to that SSL encryption, two-factor authentication (2FA) and the Oauth2 protocol. So, IT Remote uses multiple security settings to secure your connections.

The only way to guard against cybersecurity risks is to use reliable, effective remote control software.

What are the risks of unsecured remote access?

The RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is included in the vast majority of Windows and IOS operating systems. Due to its remote desktop function, it is obviously a prime target for hackers.

The main risks with the RDP protocol are:

Usernames and passwords
It’s a known fact that most people use the same password to access various programs and devices, including remote desktops. This makes life much easier for hackers, who exploit this loophole to launch a brute force attack, which involves submitting all possible passwords until they find the correct one.

Unrestricted RDP port
If port 3380 isn’t locked, it’s easy for uninvited parties to short-circuit your connection and access your computers. So you can see why we strongly advise against accessing a remote PC without using software designed to protect you.

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