Remote desktop connection: how does it work?

A remote desktop connection enables you to control the graphic interface of a physically remote computer from a local PC (or control PC). Most of the time, this access is made possible by remote desktop software.

Remote desktop connection: what’s it for?

A remote desktop connection can technically enable you to do anything you could do if you were sitting in front of the computer. Remote access can be useful for individuals but is especially helpful for professionals; particularly in the field of IT maintenance.

Using a remote desktop enables you to:

  • access all types of files remotely from your local computer,
  • manage the settings of a PC or smartphone,
  • open and edit files,
  • provide remote IT support,

So as you can see, being able to connect to a remote desktop is essential for any company that needs to provide remote maintenance to its customers or employees.

The IT technicians who are made administrators can then connect to the local system and perform repairs and updates, or make settings for elements of the system remotely throughout the IT system.

How does a remote desktop connection work?

Remote access software requires an internet connection first and foremost. Installation may be needed for some applications. But that’s not the case with the IT Remote solution.

Most of the time, you can connect to the remote desktop using the IP address or a connection code provided by your remote access software. The way remote desktops work is complex, which is why remote control software is so useful: it allows you to connect easily and securely.

How do I access a remote desktop?

There are various ways to connect to a remote desktop.

For example, you can access it from the system settings using the IP address of the target PC. See our article about remote access using an IP address to find out more.

You can also opt for a simpler method by using IT Remote remote control software.

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How do I log in to a remote control software program?

With IT Remote, you connect to the remote desktop directly from your online web console. To connect, just enter your login details.

How do I connect to a remote PC without using control software?

You can also connect from the WAN using the IP address of the target PC.

To do this, you will need to set up remote access manually in your > systems and security menu.

Next, in the > Port Forward section, authorise port 3380.

This is the port for the remote desktop protocol. This operation gives you access to the target PC. However, this method is not very secure and poses a significant cybersecurity risk. So it’s essential to secure your administrator account as well as making sure your security patches are up to date.