IT Remote, the best alternative to Teamviewer and Anydesk

Would you like to gain remote control of a PC or smartphone without having to use Teamviewer or Anydesk? In this article, we’ll compare the features and prices of Teamviewer, Anydesk and IT Remote in order to offer you the best alternative.

IT Remote, the best alternative to Teamviewer and Anydesk

Unlike Teamviewer and Anydesk, IT Remote is a French remote control solution with the added benefit of a customer service team based in France. The IT Remote solution also offers all the same features as Teamviewer and Anydesk (and many more besides):

  • You access remote computer or server from your web browser
  • You benefit from permanent, unlimited access
  • You can carry out remote maintenance on devices
  • You manage your users, computers and servers

What are the advantages of the IT Remote solution?

  • An online centralised web console (no installation required)
  • The ability to take control of a computer without installing anything on the computers (with quick access).
  • The flexibility of managing an unlimited number of users and devices
  • The guarantee of a highly secure connection
  • The convenience of automated IT Remote updates

Free alternatives to Teamviewer and Anydesk

There are many free alternatives for personal use, especially if you want to help out a loved one, or simply access files stored on a physically remote device.

In these cases, the trial version of IT Remote is perfect for you. It’s free of charge and easy to use, and you don’t need to install anything.

However, if you’re looking for remote access software for business use to manage multiple devices and users, no free solution will work for you. Moreover, using a remote desktop for business purposes requires ultra-secure connections that only paid solutions can guarantee.

What’s the cheapest remote access software?

Here is a table comparing alternatives to Teamviewer and Anydesk by price and equivalent functionality.


  • €32.90 / MONTH
  • 1 user owning 1 licence
  • 200 devices managed

IT Remote

  • €15 / MONTH
  • Devices managed: unlimited
  • Users: unlimited


  • €29.90 / MONTH
  • 20 users
  • 500 devices managed
As you can see, the remote access solution from IT Remote offers access to unlimited users and devices managed for half the price of its competitors, Teamviewer and Anydesk.

What are the drawbacks of Teamviewer and Anydesk?


  • File transfer is still slow, even when two users have a good connection
  • The free version is extremely limited
  • The most expensive remote control software on the market


  • Still does not perform well on Android
  • The customer service team is slow to respond
  • Cannot control an Android device from a Chromebook
  • Price: second most expensive solution on the market after Teamviewer
  • Score on Google Play: 2.9/5

Pourquoi choisir IT Remote comme alternative à Teamviewer et Anydesk ?  

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