How to access a Windows 11 PC remotely

Accessing a Windows 11 PC remotely enables you to take control of a remote computer from your control PC. For this, you will need to use remote control software. Here is the simple, secure and quick way to do it.

Accessing a Windows 11 PC remotely

To access a Windows 11 PC easily and securely, follow this guide:

  1. Sign up for the IT Remote free trial period
  2. In your dashboard, select > Permanent access
  3. Click on > Create access
  4. Load the IT Remote Support Quick Support executable on the target PC
Onglet Accès permanents de la solution IT Remote

Now you can access your Windows 11 PC remotely, unattended and in total security. This is an ideal solution for:

  • service providers who want to assist their customers
  • technicians in charge of IT maintenance
  • individuals who want to help a friend or family member

How do I turn off the remote desktop in IT Remote once the session is over?

If you don’t want to continue having active access to the remote PC, just opt for permanent access. This access will then be time-limited and you can gain access simply by entering a login.
Tableau de bord de la solution IT Remote
Thanks to the > quick support feature, you can quickly help out your employees, customers or friends in a few clicks.

What’s more, with its web-based online console, you will be able to control all your remote devices from any PC.

How do I remove permanent access to a device?

To remove permanent access to a device registered in your IT Remote console, simply click on the cross next to the device name in the > Permanent access menu.

What are the features of IT Remote?

IT Remote is a reliable and intuitive remote control software program. It enables you to do everything you could do if you were in front of the computer, all from a remote location.

Top features of IT Remote:

  • Ability to control all types of Windows PC remotely
  • Remote assistance (quick support)
  • Remote reboot
  • Group and user management
  • Permission and access management
  • Ability to take remote control of several PCs at once

What are the advantages of IT Remote software?

  • A French solution
  • A responsive customer service team based in France
  • The ability to add an unlimited number of devices
  • The ability to add an unlimited number of users
  • Benefit from an intuitive platform that’s easy to use
  • High performance and image quality
  • Value for money

The IT Remote solution is compatible with all Windows PCs.

If you’re looking for a simple, secure software program with no installation required to access a Windows 11 PC remotely, try IT Remote for free with no commitment to buy.