How to access a Windows 10 PC remotely

Accessing a Windows 10 PC remotely will enable you to take control of a remote computer from a control PC. With IT Remote, we offer you a simple, free method with no installation required.

Accessing a Windows PC remotely with IT Remote

If you want to access a remote computer easily without having to install anything, IT Remote is the ideal solution for you.

No installation is required on the control PC (in Quick Access mode). You simply access your remote devices through your web console. The latter is accessible from the IT Remote homepage.

The IT Remote solution allows you to:

  • access physically remote PCs (remote maintenance)
  • have ultra-secure remote access
  • restart the target PC remotely
  • manage groups and users to share access
  • have unattended access to your remote devices

The IT Remote solution is suitable for:

  • IT maintenance professionals
  • Schools and universities
  • Service providers
  • Individuals

Take advantage of our exceptional offer of free access to IT Remote for 15 days.

Why choose IT Remote to access a Windows 10 PC remotely?

IT Remote offers its users many features that underline how simple and intuitive it is to use.

The platform is accessible to all, whether you're an IT professional or an individual with no technical skills in the field of computing. The roll-out of the software on your devices is automated and functional in a click, as soon as you purchase your IT Remote subscription.

Strengths of IT Remote - remote control software

Accessing a Windows 10 PC with IT Remote: user instructions

  1. Sign up for the IT Remote free trial period
  2. In your dashboard, select > permanent access
  3. Click on > Create access
  4. Load the IT Remote Support Quick Support executable on the target PC
Onglet Accès permanents de la solution IT Remote
Now you can access your Windows PC in total security.

Why use remote control software?

Using remote control software is highly recommended because there are frequent attempts to hack the remote desktop port.

Because of its vulnerability, it is a prime target and represents a real cybersecurity risk. Individuals, but especially companies, must therefore be vigilant and avoid accessing a remote PC via the WAN.

The IT Remote remote control software guarantees an ultra-secure connection thanks to multiple security parameters such as SSL encryption or 2FA double authentication.

Here is a summary of our security features:

  • Our website uses HTTPS (this is standard but we may as well mention it).
  • All our screen-sharing is done using WebSocket Secure (WSS)
  • All sensitive information (9-digit login credentials, usernames and passwords, etc.) is RSA/AES 2048-bit encrypted.
  • We are HDS certified (French certification for health data hosting companies).