How does remote control software fit into an IT department?

Used wisely, remote control software can help you increase productivity and improve your customer support considerably. Let's see how to integrate it into your IT department.

Remote control software: a technical support tool

IT departments are responsible for providing technical support, maintenance and taking inventories of hardware and software, as well as updates and all kinds of troubleshooting. IT technicians are therefore extremely busy and constantly need to keep an eye on the status of all the computer equipment and any changes to it.

To carry out their remote maintenance duties, IT departments therefore need reliable remote control software that's easy to use.

What features does remote control software offer?

IT Remote's remote control software allows you to:

  • carry out maintenance work on your computer equipment remotely
  • treat your customers’ or employees’ infected computers
  • install an operating system
  • manage user groups
  • manage permissions and access
  • provide technical support

How can I integrate remote control software into an IT department?

Remote control software is relatively simple to integrate. The first step is to appoint software administrators. They will be the only people who can manage access and permissions.

How do I choose the remote access administrators at the company?

Be careful and don’t hand out administrator rights too generously. This status gives someone significant powers such as permission and access management, user group management, or execution of updates and programs.

What do I need to do before integrating remote control software into an IT department?

Integrating remote assistance with temporary access

To help out your employees or customers, you don’t need to install anything at all on your control PC. Indeed, the IT Remote solution requires no installation. On the other hand, the IT Remote Quick Support executable will need to be downloaded on client computers. Once the executable is downloaded, remote control is accessible.

Integrating remote assistance with permanent access

To integrate remote assistance with permanent access, you just need to install an agent (service) on the client computer. Integration works in the same way for temporary and permanent access.

Updating the remote control software

With IT Remote, you don’t need to update the software yourself. All the quick support updates are automated. So the software carries out its own maintenance. However, users can choose not to allow automatic updates and update it themselves manually.

You can log in to the IT Remote solution as soon as you sign up for your subscription.

Then you can manage your devices remotely from the IT Remote web console, which you can access from the homepage.