How can I control an Android device remotely?

There’s a really simple way to control an Android device remotely from a PC. Whether you want to access files remotely or just connect your phone to your computer, here are two simple and free methods of doing it.

Controlling an Android device remotely with Airdroid

Airdroid is a free app for managing a suite of mobile devices. You can use it to connect your Android smartphone to your PC and therefore:

  • transfer files to different platforms
  • remotely control mobile devices and share their screens (mirroring)
  • receive messages and answer them directly from your computer
  • access your smartphone camera remotely and monitor the environment around the peripheral device in real time
  • make calls on a PC
  • back up photos and videos on your smartphone directly to your computer
  • Find the phone if you lose it

To enjoy these features, you first need to set up the Airdroid app.

Setting up Airdroid to control my smartphone remotely

Go to the Play Store and download Airdroid. Once you’ve downloaded the app to your smartphone, register with it. You can also log in with your Google account. Next, follow the instructions to grant the relevant permissions.

Once you’ve done this, you need to download the app to your PC and log in using the same account you used to log in from your smartphone. Once you’ve allowed sharing, you can control your Android device remotely from your PC. The app is simple and intuitive to get started with.

Interface Airdroid sur smartphone (Samsung)
Note that the app offers basic features such as photo-sharing, opening the camera remotely, and answering calls and messages from the PC.

However, you will need to upgrade to the premium version to access all the features that Airdroid offers.

Advantages of Airdroid

  • Quick to get started with
  • Intuitive app
  • Automatic data synchronisation

Drawbacks of Airdroid

  • Limited features except with a premium subscription
  • Registration required
Nonetheless, there is another method of controlling your Android smartphone from your PC. However, you need to be a Windows user for this.

Using the Windows Assistant to control an Android device remotely

If you are a Windows user, consider using the > Your Phone assistant, a free app available from the Play Store.

The Windows Your Phone assistant enables you to:

  • Make and receive calls on your PC,
  • manage your notifications,
  • access your mobile apps on your computer,
  • open and view your files, photos and videos on your PC,
  • drag files from your smartphone to your computer,
  • Read and receive SMS messages on your PC.

Just like Airdroid, the Your Phone assistant requires you to install the app on your PC as well as your smartphone using the same account so the devices can work together.

Once the connection is set up, you can start enjoying the features offered by the Windows assistant.

Can you display the screen of one smartphone on another Android smartphone?

If you would like to access the screen of one Android smartphone directly on another phone, we recommend using ApowerMirror. This app is available from the Play Store and lets you mirror Android screens.

To enable screen-sharing, just click on the > Mirror button once the app is open.

ApowerMirror will detect the devices in the network and provide access to them. Take note, this method requires both phones to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network in order to work.